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Many things have changed in Russia last years. We can now travel all around the world, buy expensive photo and video equipment, and nobody is surprised by 22 mln pixels camera. And still, like many years ago, we look through “National Geographic” and “GEO” with admiration and genuine envy to first-class photos of wonderful places, natural phenomena and wild animals, taken by world-famous professional photographers. As before, shoots of world photography stars cause rapturous cries and lots of questions, and the main question was and still is “how have they shot it?.

I spent years in expeditions shooting animals and nature in the most remote and hard-to-reach corners of our planet. As time went by, I learn to realize that super expensive photo equipment cannot guarantee great shoot. It is of course important, but not the crucial factor. And first of all is ORGANIZATION OF THE SHOOTING! Each expedition must be carefully prepared. Enormous bites of backup information must be processed before you unpack your camera and make your first shot. Sometimes it takes a few months to prepare expedition of one –two shooting days! And sometimes even a few hours! But shots which you will have done during these moments will beautify your collection for years ahead.

Our trips are not touristic. These are real and serious expeditions and master-classes on wild nature photography at the same time. We will tell you in plain and simple language about photography basics: composition. Light, color, foreshortening and perspective. You will also learn secrets of birds and mammals’ shooting – predators and hoofed animals. We will answer all your questions. But we will try to show you much more than this. By taking part in our expeditions, you will learn how world famous photographers work, you will see places where «ВВС» и «Animal Planet» shoot their films. You will get a chance to become a member of professional photo session in the wild nature.

We divide expeditions on easy, medium and hard level of difficulty. We do not take many people for each expedition in order to be able to pay attention to each group member personally. We take not more than 10 people plus 1 (or more) instructors.

We try to gather people with similar fitness and we welcome not only professional photographers, but advanced amateurs, enthusiasts, beginners in this fascinating process. But we always collect a team of like-minded persons, devoted to the same goal – try to imprint unique shots of wild animals life in their natural environment, to see what is not given to see to usual tourist. We shall come to African savanna, we shall see Big Migration of hoofed animals in Kenya and Tanzania, we will look in pristine jungles of equatorial Africa and Indonesia. We will see there the great Nile begins. We will look at mountain gorillas’ eyes at outstretched arm distance. We will stand for a while above rage depth of Victoria Falls, feel unrestrained power of Zambezi and try to imprint moon rainbow. We will spy at sea iguanid’s life and see gigantic turtles at Galapagos Islands.

You will visit wild orangutans at impenetrable jungles of Sumatera and Borneo, you will be faced to meet and discover wild tribes of New Guinea which have found just a few years ago, which still live in Stone Age and cannot be visited without permission from military. You will see by your own eyes how pink flamingoes take care of their chicks, you will enjoy lions on trees in national parks of Zambia and Uganda. You will become a witness of the greatest show ever created - “Wild Nature”. Seeing is believing. And then, after our expeditions, you will finally be able to say to yourselves: “I know how it was shot!”

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