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Kenya. Photo Safari

28.07.2017–6.08.2017. Tour finished

Big Migration. Best National Parks of Kenya.
Specialized photo tour

Kenya. Photo Safari

From July to September you may witness a spectacular show in Kenya, which attracts wildlife photographers from all around the world: the GREAT MIGRATION. More than 1,5 mln of animals (yes, we mean it.: 1.5 million) accompanied by predators leave dry Serengeti plains and move to the green lands of Masai Mara in Kenya.

At once you can see more than ten species – antelopes, zebras, giraffes, elephants, hyenas, lions, gazelles, buffaloes. We will see how zebras and antelopes cross Mara river. You will undoubtedly get new understanding of this great survival fight in the wild African nature and will carry away wonderful photos - dozen of gigabytes. We guarantee adrenaline rush! We will provide top experienced local rangers ,with whom we've been working for 10 years by now, will get the closest access to animals and reach the most distant parts of the park for the best photo opportunities ever.


5.05.2017–9.05.2017. Tour finished

Photo series "Wildlife of Europe"


This is a unique place and unique workshop. Our photo adventure leads us to one of the most beautiful parts of France, Occitania, to the national park of Camargue famous for magnificent wild white horses They only inhabit this area, swamps and saline soils of southeast France.

They conduct the sort from the so-called prehistoric horses living in these regions more than seventeen thousand years ago! Gradually, the initial genotype mixed up in other types, in particular, the well-known Arab racers. We will picture spring lights patches and foam flakes on horses’ manes and cases. We will see and photograph every step of these magnificent animals rushing straight forward to our cameras, to your camera during fight for domination in herd. Camargue is a strictly protected area, however we managed to agree about shootings of horses at the beach. Over 30 herds are dispersed today in the territory of Camargue national park.

Our tours are not leisure travels. These are real and serious expeditions and master-classes of wildlife and nature photography. We will tell you in plain and simple language about photography basics: composition, light, color, foreshortening and perspective. You will also learn secrets of birds and mammals’ photography, and what is the different in working on predators and hoofed animals. We will answer all your questions. And we will try to show you much more than this. By taking part in our expeditions, you will learn how world famous photographers work, you will see places where «ВВС» и «Animal Planet» shoot their films. You will get a chance to become a member of professional photo session in the wild nature.

Tanzania. Big Cats. Photo Safari

3.03.2017–11.03.2017. Tour finished

Tanzania. Big Cats. Photo Safari

Humans have always admired these animals. Some of them are like royals, impressive and majestic, they scare the night savanna by its roaring, spreading horror at its inhabitants. Others are as fast as the lighting. Each line of its bodies emphasizes superiority in speed and in a couple of seconds an unfortunate victim has no chances to survive. Thirds are careful and secretive. Every move is soft and flexible. Right now it lazily sleeps on a tree, having lowered paws and a tail, not paying attention to the events around. Another moment passed – and it softly slides on a tree trunk, down, in a grass where, while merging with vegetation and masking, it leaves away, showing all the independence and proud loneliness. Everything said is, of course, about big African cats — lions, cheetahs and leopards. Photographers’ dream, from professionals to beginners! Everyone finds something special while working with Big Cats in Tanzania— from peaceful family portraits of kittens playing next to a mother to rigid scenes of hunting and murder, with pieces of meat and bloody muzzles with naked canines. Serengeti National Park is the ideal place for shooting of these surprising animals. Welcome home.


3.02.2017–9.02.2017. Tour finished

Exclusive wildlife photography tour.


The sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico is the pristine marine reserve y with a unique biodiversity, one of the most interesting corners of the world for shootings marine wildlife. Three quarters of all types of whales and dolphins existing in the world inhabit or migrate here. However there is something else that distinguishes this place from other world famous points of observation of whales: the flying Mobula Ray. This is the best in the world place to observe and photograph the improbable natural phenomenon, still not explained by scientists: the Rays jumping out of water and soaring over the water. We found for you the best method to see and capture this very difficult object: the fast, maneuverable, convenient and spacious 10-seater zodiac which we will use on group of only 6 people. With the permission to approach our objects on as close as needed distance and permission to follow the object in this unique sea reserve, the UNESCO Marine World Heritage Site, we are certain to get fantastic photography opportunities!


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