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Uganda. Pearl of Africa

1.12.2008–9.12.2008. Tour finished

Mountain gorillas, Nile, National Park Queen Elizabeth

Uganda. Pearl of Africa

Uganda is real pearl on the necklace of wildlife photographer. One the biggest pearls. Uganda will give you more than you could ever expect. Amazing world of mountain gorillas (there are only 600 of them in the world and half of them inhabits here). We will discredit myth of their spiteful nature, which is imposed by Hollywood movies. We will reach the very hear of Bwindi national park – unique ecosystem of mountain tropical jungles, huge ferns of 3floors building height, rivers and waterfalls. This is the home of mountain gorillas.


24.10.2008–10.11.2008. Tour finished

Republic of Congo is that TERRA INKOGNITA. You have probably heard plenty of fairy tales and legends about these places. Here the word ”tourism” sounds a bit silly.. Nonetheless, it is here where we can find unique perfectly preserved ecosystems with rare and endangered species living in the tropical wild. We will be able to only to get there and see them, but to photograph these amazing animals at the professional level. This is what at WILDANIMALSSAFARI.COM do best! We shall visit the national park Conkuati Douli near the Gabon border, where each chimpanzee’s family has its own preferred mangrove island.

3.08.2008–15.08.2008. Tour finished

Primeval Africa. Photo safari at British style

Should you wish to test the present African adventure on Old British style? Then you need to go to Zambia. This is one of three most elite countries of Africa (along with Botswana and Namibia) from the point of view of the organization of an individual safari, fauna shooting and high quality service. Living with the refined comfort in magnificent 5* chalets, you will observe all charm of the unrestrained wild nature of the African savanna. We will visit national park of Kafue — the largest national park of Africa and Southern Luangwa and reserve Lower Zambezi — one of the most beautiful and unstudied reserves of Southern Africa. Magnificent photo safaris await. Professional guides will show us the most undercover corners of these places, and you can make magnificent pictures of animals living there.

Every day after photo adventures, by the got tradition, refined supper is waiting for us at cosy fireplace, glass of traditional sherry and the atmosphere having to interesting conversations. And, certainly, we will listen to night savanna with its mysterious sounds, rustles, under sounds of the short thunder-storm, flickering by short flashed somewhere in the distance.


10.07.2008–20.07.2008. Tour finished

Big Migration. Best National Parks of Kenya.
Specialized photo tour


From July to September you can become a witness of spectacular show in Kenya, which attracts wildlife photographers from all around the world. Big Migration. More than 1,5 mln animals herbivores accompanied by predators leave dry Serengeti plains and move to green lands of Masai Mara in Kenya. At once you can see more than ten species – antelopes, zebras, giraffes, elephants, hyenas, lions, gazelles, buffaloes. We will see how zebras and antelopes cross Mara river. You will undoubtedly get new understanding of this great survival fight in wild African nature and will carry away wonderful photos - dozen of gigabytes. Adrenaline is guaranteed. We will provide experienced local rangers and guides to get closest access to animals and reach the most distant parts of the par for the best photo opportunities.


30.04.2008–12.05.2008. Tour finished

Orangutans and primeval jungles of Borneo (lost world). Dragons of Komodo Islands (live dragons of modernity)


Emerald-green jungle of Borneo (Kalimantan) conceals set of riddles in themselves: we wish to slightly open at least their part. You will have a unique possibility to observe a life of orang-utans in the wild nature, after all the island Borneo is a place where they live in a habitat. There remains not more than 5000 wild individuals in the world! We will see these monkeys, observe their way of life. For this purpose we will get into the most undercover and remote corners of a rainforest of island Borneo. We will pass little-known wild tracks under dense bed curtains of jungle, through the infinite green sea. Tourists are rarely taken to these places. These places are protected for very few film crews and photographers with loud names. ”BBC", “Animal Planet” and “National Geographic” shoot their films here. . We will visit these places and live some days at a small boat in an environment of a primeval rainforest with the smells and mysterious sounds! And all it in order to understand and feel all mysticism of the most impassable jungle of the world. You will understand that jungle is a united live being, a united organism.

After a tropical mystery we will get on Island Rinca where huge Komodo Dragon — live dragons modernity - lives. Skilled rangers will help us to make professional photographs photos of these surprising and dangerous animals. You will see and understand how photos and films about wildlife are made by the best professionals photographers and cinematographers. You will plunge into the world of difficult, dangerous and interesting work of photographers-naturalists


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