2010 expeditions archives

Galápagos Islands

3.12.2010–14.12.2010. Tour finished

Galápagos Islands

Tanzania. Big cats

21.11.2010–30.11.2010. Tour finished

Tanzania. Big cats

Humans have always admired these animals. Some of them are like royals, impressive and majestic, they scare the night savanna by its roaring, spreading horror at its inhabitants. Others are as fast as the lighting. Each line of its bodies emphasizes superiority in speed and in a couple of seconds an unfortunate victim has no chances to survive. Thirds are careful and secretive. Every move is soft and flexible. Right now it lazily sleeps on a tree, having lowered paws and a tail, not paying attention to the events around. Another moment passed – and it softly slides on a tree trunk, down, in a grass where, while merging with vegetation and masking, it leaves away, showing all the independence and proud loneliness. Everything said is, of course, about big African cats — lions, cheetahs and leopards. Photographers’ dream, from professionals to beginners! Everyone finds something special while working with Big Cats in Tanzania— from peaceful family portraits of kittens playing next to a mother to rigid scenes of hunting and murder, with pieces of meat and bloody muzzles with naked canines. Serengeti National Park is the ideal place for shooting of these surprising animals. Welcome home.

Canada. Visit to polar bears

12.11.2010–19.11.2010. Tour finished

Specialized photo tour to Churchill National Park

Canada. Visit to polar bears
Have you ever dreamt to see polar bears while waking up early in the morning? To watch their plays on the snow, follow them in special Tundra Baggy which main purpose is to serve you to make great photos of these mighty and strong animals safely and with comfort, at closest distance possible, day-time or night-time? All this is possible in Canada, in word famous Churchill national park. Life of the biggest ground predator will go on in front of us at the background of fantastic northern landscape illuminated by northern lights. At dawn and sunset the light will be especially good for photography. This is the tour we offer you this year, the best adapted for professional photography of polar bears in this national park. We will be accompanied by professional guide-photographer, naturalist and expert of local nature.

Mentawai. Secrets of Siberut Island.
Travel to the past.

15.10.2010–27.10.2010. Tour finished

Mentawai. Secrets of Siberut Island.<br />Travel to the past.

Mentawai archipelago lies 100 km west from western Sumatera. Siberut is the main island by 90% covered by dense tropical forests. Small rivers are the best, if not the one, means of transport in the inner regions, where unique and barely known Mentawai tribe live their primitive way of life.

There are no roads at Siberut, not at all, even of rural type, there is no electricity, radio or TV, no water pipes. There is only fresh rivers, and air, tropical forest, animals and bird. And everything, that can fly, grow, swim, run is used by Mentawai as food: coco and sago, monkeys, fish and ant slags.

At midnight women catch river crabs with their handmade nets and flambeus. Men hunt with poisoned arrows. Each wild fowl has its own arrow-head of antiar poison.

Their every day is struggle to survive. We will unveil secrets of these people and see magic tattoos. We will see how they maintain their unique culture and way of life in our cruel times of total globalization.

Madagascar. Big journey to the Treasure Island

1.09.2010–17.09.2010. Tour finished

Madagascar. Big journey to the Treasure Island


10.07.2010–20.07.2010. Tour finished

Big Migration. Best National Parks of Kenya.
Specialized photo tour


Every year from July to September a spectacular show takes place in Kenya attracting wild life photographers from all around the world. This is Big Migration. More than 1,5 mln of herbivore animals and predators move from dried Tanzania Serengeti plains towards green fields of Masai Mara in Kenya. At once and at the same place you can see ten and more species of animals — antipopes, zebras, giraffes, buffalos, elephants, lions, hyenas, gazelles. We will witness crossing via Mara river. You will get deeper understanding of this great struggle for survival in wild African nature and will bring back home dozen of GB. Adrenaline is guaranteed. Our experienced rangers will give us possibility to approach animals as near as possible for greater photography and take us to the distance parks’ corners.

Uganda. Pearl of Africa

26.02.2010–7.03.2010. Tour finished

Mountain gorillas, Nile, National Park Queen Elizabeth

Uganda. Pearl of Africa

Uganda is real pearl on the necklace of wildlife photographer. One the biggest pearls. Uganda will give you more than you could ever expect. Amazing world of mountain gorillas (there are only 600 of them in the world and half of them inhabits here). We will discredit myth of their spiteful nature, which is imposed by Hollywood movies. We will reach the very hear of Bwindi national park – unique ecosystem of mountain tropical jungles, huge ferns of 3floors building height, rivers and waterfalls. This is the home of mountain gorillas.



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