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Orangutans and primeval jungles of Borneo (lost world). Dragons of Komodo Islands (living dragons of modernity)

23.12.2014–31.12.2014. Tour finished

Orangutans and primeval  jungles of Borneo (lost world). Dragons of Komodo Islands (living dragons of modernity)

Emerald-green jungle of Borneo (Kalimantan) conceals set of riddles in themselves: we wish to slightly open at least their part. You will have a unique possibility to observe a life of orang-utans in the wild nature, after all the island Borneo is a place where they live in a habitat. There remains not more than 5000 wild individuals in the world! We will see these monkeys, observe their way of life. For this purpose we will get into the most undercover and remote corners of a rainforest of island Borneo. We will pass little-known wild tracks under dense bed curtains of jungle, through the infinite green sea. Tourists are rarely taken to these places. These places are protected for very few film crews and photographers with loud names. "BBC", "Animal Planet" and "National Geographic" shoot their films here. . We will visit these places and live some days at a small boat in an environment of a primeval rainforest with the smells and mysterious sounds! And all it in order to understand and feel all mysticism of the most impassable jungle of the world. You will understand that jungle is a united live being, a united organism.

After a tropical mystery we will get on Island Rinca where huge Komodo Dragon live dragons modernity - lives. Skilled rangers will help us to make professional photographs photos of these surprising and dangerous animals. You will see and understand how photos and films about wildlife are made by the best professionals photographers and cinematographers. You will plunge into the world of difficult, dangerous and interesting work of photographers-naturalists.

Madagascar. Big journey to the Treasure Island

3.08.2014–22.08.2014. Tour finished

Madagascar. Big journey to the Treasure Island

Botswana. Wild Light

16.07.2014–26.07.2014. Tour finished

Botswana. Wild Light

Join us, and we will take you to one of the oldest, untouched and unique corners of wild nature in Africa. You will see the greatest on the planet concentration of wild animals still in natural habitat. You will learn about predators and their victims during our deep diving into the very heart of wild world by careful, cautious and wise interaction with the nature that gave life both to animals and us, people.

The route of our photo safari is carefully worked out for travelers who want to study the unique nature of Botswana at full extent and get professional photography master-classes.

We use open safari cars with one row of seats per participant, which will allow you to watch perfectly both sides of the vehicle. In specially selected places we will also experience walking safari and night safari.

We strongly recommend this program for wildlife photography amateurs. The program has been worked out by us and our partner in Botswana considering world experience of photography in Africa and Botswana in particular.

South Africa. Great White Sharks Jumping

10.07.2014–16.07.2014. Tour finished

South Africa. Great White Sharks Jumping


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