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SOUTHERN KAMCHATKA: marine photography tour

Limit: 6 pax

Marine photography tour

This truly a life – changing adventure at one of the most beautiful, remote and wild corners of the world with intense wildlife photography sessions. Unlike ordinary expensive 1 day helicopter trips to Kuril Lake with a few bears and dozens of helicopters full of tourists, every year reproducing the same images of the same bears, we will take you to off beaten track locations of Kamchatka to make an ideal shot! Taking a private boat, our schedule in flexible and time spent at each location is unlimited.

Whales and killer whales, eared seal, sea birds colonies, famous Kamchatka bears in their natural habitat. Our experienced team run by world-recognized wildlife photographer, Andrey Gudkov, will make sure you have right light, angle, composition and distance to an object. Wonderful night sky photography opportunities – where are no other lights around! We arrange landings, use zodiacs to sail up the rivers to see running salmon and plenty of bears. Each spot is a unique one and plenty of active volcanoes and ice ramparts just in front of you add a touch of mystery to every shot your make here, as do crystal clear waters, beautiful black and white sands and endless stony beaches.

For 8 days we sail onboard the comfortable newly built catamaran, 12 meters length. It has just three cozy cabins with en-suite bathroom facilities. There are 2 big lounge areas with table and sofas, and though we have 10 sleeping places in total, we take on board only 6 for your maximum comfort and photography freedom. Equipped with modern Mercuri Verado-250 engines, out boat is fast and able to reach the most interesting locations of the Kamchatka Peninsula and surrounding ocean, the places which are not reachable for ordinary tourists taking daily trips from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Enough space for photo equipment.

Our experience captain and team will make sure you will the most of your stay at Kamchatka. There is diving guide, fishing guide and cook on board to allow you to enjoy all the splendor of Kamchatka seas. We provide fishing equipment. Your cook will serve healthy food including seafood including lobster and caviar – fresh supply straight from the ocean!

Taymyr. In the northern heart of nowhere.

Limit: 6 pax

Taymyr is the one of most hardly accessible regions of Russia and this alone tells a lot about the place you will be heading to. It’s far more difficult to get there rather than to travel to Antarctica. Any signs of civilization ends at the village of Khatanga, which is one of the northernmost inhabited locality in Russia. Thanks to the extreme low population density and minimal human’s interference into the nature, the primeval subarctic animals’ world is wonderfully preserved in the area.

Our destination is Maria Pronchishcheva Bay (370 miles from Khatanga), the place known for its highest concentration of Laptev walrus (the rarest species of walrus) during summer and autumn period. Walruses reside here with newborn helpless calves and this attracts attention of polar bears. Here we will be able to witness and photograph dramatic scenes of struggle for a life between walrus males protecting their families and polar bears which exceed in strength but not in dexterity.

Our intermediate point of destination is Cape Tsvetkov which is 90 miles closer to the Khatanga village and is also well known for the same drama story. Based on principles of safety and photography efficiency, we shall start our photography sessions here and will move to the Bay in case of necessity and weather permitting. The cape is a spit a few miles long which goes far to the Laptev Sea. Here is where walruses’ breeding ground is located. At this time of the year walruses already have calves while polar bears have already started their yearly migration cycle, on the way crossing walruses habitat of this region. Polar bears are attracted both by the breeding ground and helpless calves. This is what makes the location absolutely unique from a wildlife photography point of view. This is a truly once in a lifetime experience both for professionals and nature amateurs. Just 12 miles from here we will find famous Preobrazhenia Island famous for its seashore colony of birds. We shall visit the island too.

Cape Tsvetkov is believed to be the most picturesque cape of the Eastern Taymyr.

Attention! Local flights schedule is yet to be confirmed for August–September 2017. The expedition starts after 20th August 2017 when Laptev Sea gets rid of ice (yes, it is end of August – this is Russian Arctic). Follow us on FB


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