2019 Tours

Antarctic Odyssey

Limit: 6 pax

Antarctica. South Georgia Island. King penguins, whales, seals, sea bears, sea birds photography

Antarctica is a photographers dream. This is huge territory with landscapes of fantastic beauty and scale. Impressions and emotions felt there cannot be forgotten during one's lifetime. And still few photographers managed to reach this region. Recently possibilities have appeared to get there thanks to Russian polar fleet handles regular tourist voyages. These tours are expensive and, as a rule, has low photography effectiveness, because a vessel takes from 50 up to 150 passengers and of course only few of them are photographers. Complete route of a vessel is strictly scheduled; time spent at land at each island is limited and cannot be extended and restricted by rules and prohibitions. Naturally this causes big troubles for PROFESSIONAL wild life and nature photography. We have made a goal to organize expedition which would perfectly suit needs of professional photographers and advanced amateurs, would be overpriced and contained minimum restrictions or limitations for PROFESSIOANL photo sessions. After months of search we have found specialized yacht aimed for such expeditions in extreme conditions of polar waters.

Professional team has made such voyages for years. Among their constant clients are BBC,Royal Geographical Society, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and National Geographic. Today we can charter this yacht and make our dreams come true.


Limit: 6 pax

Exclusive wildlife photography tour.

The sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico is the pristine marine reserve y with a unique biodiversity, one of the most interesting corners of the world for shootings marine wildlife. Three quarters of all types of whales and dolphins existing in the world inhabit or migrate here. However there is something else that distinguishes this place from other world famous points of observation of whales: the flying Mobula Ray. This is the best in the world place to observe and photograph the improbable natural phenomenon, still not explained by scientists: the Rays jumping out of water and soaring over the water. We found for you the best method to see and capture this very difficult object: the fast, maneuverable, convenient and spacious 10-seater zodiac which we will use on group of only 6 people. With the permission to approach our objects on as close as needed distance and permission to follow the object in this unique sea reserve, the UNESCO Marine World Heritage Site, we are certain to get fantastic photography opportunities!


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