What differs your photo tours from ordinary safaris?
What we will learn at photo tours?
What is included in the tour price?
Who participate in photo safaris?
Do you accept non-photographers?
Can we buy air tickets, visas and insurance by ourselves?
How to pay?
How many tours per year you organize?
How you settle a timing of a photo tour?
It all depends on our goals in particular expedition. If we need to photo animals in the wild, we must consider biological circle of life of our object. Mostly animals are active in the morning and in the evening. The sleep during daytime. If it is a night animals, we photo at night. Often we need first to find animal and we have to move a lot by foot, cars, boats and helicopters. Sometimes we have to wait in ambush to catch the good shot. We will also have time to photo landscapes, exotic flowers, insects. Photography lasts for daylight hours. In the evening we discuss the photos of the day, we look and analyze. We continue discussion at a dinner in less formal way. Free time after evening. But a participant must be ready to go ahead with our program very early next morning.
Do you lead private master-classes?
How many people are in a group?
How long photo tours and expeditions last?
Can we stay in a country after a photo tour and travel by ourselves?
May beginners participate in your photo tours?
What to do if registration is closed and we want to participate in this tour?
Are kids accepted on a photo tour?
If photo tour is paid and I can not go, can I cancel and get a refund?
Can I use your equipment at a photo tour?
Will we have free time during photo tour?
Should I be in very good physical from to participate in your photo tour?
Can I decrease length of trip?
What is an OFF ROAD?
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